Why are nuts important for us?

A walnut-enriched diet will cut cholesterol by an average of 0.3 points, according to a review of 13 studies involving 365 people. You need 30g a day to see the results in just one month.

Cashews have twice the iron concentration of minced beef.

Iron helps carry oxygen round the body. The lack of this nutrient can lead to extreme tiredness and poor concentration.

Just five pecans contain around a sixth of the recommended daily allowance for zinc, which is vital for the functioning of white blood cells that fight bacteria and viruses, including cold and flu.

The fat, protein and fibre in peanuts will help you feel full for a longer period of time and less likely to eat something else later on. A research from Harvard University found out that moderate fat diets that included peanuts and peanut butter were easier to stick to and kept the weight off better than low-fat diets with similar calories.

A couple of handfuls of shelled pistachios have more potassium than a banana. That helps to control your blood pressure as potassium puts the effects of salt in a shadow.

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