Two Unforgettable Weeks Back Home, in Bulgaria

Hi guys, how is everything going? As I promised, before I went to Bulgaria for my holiday, I shot lots of food and I have prepared for you one huge selection of meals. Most of the things I ate, were homemade. Family members around the table – emotions, memories, past, present, future….

Taking so much time off away from my head chef position in London, was unique. Being away from the hot kitchen, where my brain works on another level, helped me to concentrate on myself and all the people that played important roles in my life – family and friends. A great experience, that gives me power and hope. All the dinner tables that were prepared for my warm welcome, were set up with lots of love and culinary skills. All the hosts were expecting my feedback. My aunt was the one who made it to the Recipe of The Week with her slowly cooked pork and chicken with onions, cabbage, dried apricots, dried plums and mushrooms in white wine.


And the view from her balcony was nice – what you can see is one of the big streets in my city, at night.



The things people prepare for dinner are always in huge amounts. There is always lots of salad, hot starters, nuts, main dishes, desserts….. Sometimes there’s more options than you have in a restaurant. We are famous with our hospitality. You will find homemade alcohol on each table.


The on the picture is called “rakia”. A drink, usually made out of grapes (or any kind of fruit that can ferment). It has a high alcohol percentage, so I advise you, if by any chance you come by this drink, not to drink more than 250 grams. Even this could be too much. It’s good in the winter. My uncle took a special red wine out of the closet, for the dinner in his house,  a 12 years old merlot.


The food that my uncle prepared for me was in the usual amounts for a dinner table in our family – a lot! We just love cooking. He got inspired by Jamie Oliver to slowly cook some pork steaks with rosemary, and to roast some potatoes.


He brushed the potatoes with some olive oil, rosemary, oregano, salt and black pepper, while cooking on the grill pan.


The person that cooks the most in our family, I would say, is my grand mother…. Always when I go home on a holiday, she gathers the whole family (15-20 people) and cooks a tremendous amount of food. There is always 2-3 salads, 3 starters, at least 2 mains, 3 or 4 choices of dessert. She prepares A La Carte Menu for a bunch of hungry people and we destroy it.

This is the famous creme caramel

Krem karamel

This here is “kapama” – cabbage, rice and all kinds of meat, slowly cooked in a crock-pot


And this is “revane” – a sweet sponge cake with sugar syrup and some chocolate

And wow… forget about the quantity… I am talking about quality here! Food was super clean, and no matter how much you eat – you digest it very fast and your stomach feels good. This is the food I grew up with.

The cherry on top of the cake was my grand mother’s homemade strawberry compote.


This is definitely my favorite juice in the World. Nothing is better than that. My grand mother fell in love with this picture. She never knew that the compote she makes, can look so nice on the screen. I am sorry you can’t taste it right now… we store them in cold rooms, where then can stay longer. We have several jars of that compote, all year long. We just top them up, when they finish. It’s not hard to make. All you need is water, sugar and fresh strawberries…. aaand you should know the correct way of making it.

I can say that this 2 weeks are priceless. Going back to my childhood is really refreshing. I love my home.

If you have any questions, concerning the food shown is this post, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Bye bye food lovers!

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