The “25 Top Cakes” e-CookBook

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After 5 months of hard work our e-CookBook is finally done!!! ¬†It was an amazing journey! All of the cakes we made¬†happened to be very tasty, very good-looking and the people were rolling their eyes while eating them, wondering “Woow… what is inside this delight…. I want more….” An amazing journey that I will never… 

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Three surprisingly unhealthy reduced-fat foods


Extreme low-fat eating is a diet idea that refuses to fade. Even healthy foods like avocadoes and olive oil get a bad rap thanks to their high fat content. In reality, 30% of your daily calories come from fat, and some foods are actually less healthy in their reduced-fat form. Stay away from these three… 

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Top 10 High Calorie Foods


A calorie is a unit of energy. If you eat more calories than you need, your body will store the energy for later in the form of fat. If you expend more calories than you intake, you’ll lose weight, whether you’re counting calories to lose weight or to gain it, it helps to know which… 

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Moussaka! By Aleksandrina Kisyova!


Moussaka Ingredients for 6 servings: 1 kg potatoes 500 gr ground beef 100 gr onion For the topping: 4 eggs 500 ml yogurt season with salt, pepper, paprika, chubritsa Fry the onions, beef and potatoes for 10 minutes in a pot and then transfer them into the oven (at 250 celsius). Bake for 20 minutes…. 

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