***Under 10 Minutes*** Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus with Fluffy Couscous


Hello guys! I have an amazing recipe for you to celebrate the asparagus season. This is the period around the month of April to the month of June. You can usually find it all year round, but using it at that time of the year gives you the deepest flavor. I always liked the idea… 

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Fact of the week – Manchego cheese

manchego 3

Short story The name “Manchego cheese” refers to the cheese made in the La Mancha region of Spain using milk from Manchega ewes and aged for at least sixty days. Archeological remains dating back to the Bronze Age show that the inhabitants of La Mancha used to make a sheep’s milk cheese with the milk of… 

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Ham and cheese pasta


Hello everybody! We are ready with our new delicious meal. I still haven’t finished my portion, and I already want to share the recipe with you. This is just another easy and quick lunch that you will learn how to make in a few minutes. As our regular readers know, we LOVE pasta! If you… 

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Top 10 High Calorie Foods


A calorie is a unit of energy. If you eat more calories than you need, your body will store the energy for later in the form of fat. If you expend more calories than you intake, you’ll lose weight, whether you’re counting calories to lose weight or to gain it, it helps to know which… 

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