Recipe of the day – Baked salmon with rosemary and ratatouille

For the salmon you need:

a cutlet of salmon

salt, pepper and fresh rosemary

After you season the salmon you seal it in a hot pan, and then you move it in the oven with the fresh rosemary for 6-7 more minutes (depends on the size of the cutlet)

For the ratatouille you will need:



bell peppers (red, green and yellow)




tomato puree

balsamic vinegar

fresh basil, fresh thyme, salt and pepper

You cut all the ingredients into equally sized squares and you sautee them in a hot pan. After they are all ready, you put the tomato puree, the balsamic vinegar and all the spices with the fresh ones inside and you just leave it for 3 minutes so all the liquid is well mixed and then you turn it off. Now it is ready to be served. Enjoy!!!


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