March Report

Hello guys! Another month is gone… the first quarter of the year is in the history now. Time flies….

The month of March was good. I went home, for 2 weeks, on a holiday. If you click on this link, you will see what kind of food I had during my holiday. It was amazing, don’t miss it! There was a lot of homegrown products and “ancient” recipes.

Inspired by Pinch Of Yum’s website and their reports, we decided to do the same, so we can have a closer look at our statistics. What the report consists of is – our site traffic and the posts that we published.

It’s definitely not easy to run a food blog and work as a head chef at the same time. That’s why Mimi, my girlfriend, helps me a lot with the content. She does the infographics and the fact of the week category.

There are many things that you have to consider, when you start a food blog. You have to know how to manage it, how to bring more traffic, how to keep up with the good content etc. The content is the key to success. This is what keeps the reader on your site. You have to use an easy approach to all of the topics that you discuss. Not everybody is a professional cook, and understands how to use all of the products. You have to know how to explain and basically teach your reader.

Another major thing is social media. This is a monster topic. A well-managed social media account can bring you lots of traffic. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – they are all good places that can help you grab a big audience. This means that you have to know how to shoot pictures. Pictures are the first impression of your food. People are not going to test your recipe if they don’t fall in love with how it looks like. But that’s another topic, that we are going to discuss in the following reports, just because we are still learning, and we can’t give a competent opinion.

Anyway…. despite all of that we still managed to publish 20 posts in the month of March. We are still working on our schedule, that I started following from the start of this year. It works out great so far. For the last 3-4 weeks, we have been approached by several people, that would like to write guest posts for us, and they send their own infographics, which actually helps us to catch up with our busy schedule.

Let’s now do a recap of the posts.

In the category Fact of The Week, this month, we discussed brussels sprouts, is your pasta healthy, cauliflower, beetroot and pumpkin seeds.

The infographics that we showed you were about – Cooking With Alcohol, The Foodies Favorite Food Markets Of The World, 5 Best Food For Brain Health and 7 Superfoods For Your Health.

In our favorite category – Instafoodie of The Week, we show you people who have lots of followers in Instagram, because of their amazing photos of great food. We contact all of them personally, and we interview them by eMail. Of course we get many denials, but we still manage to find a great foodie every week. Let me show you now, the Instafoodies for the month of March.

Sophie MacKenzie


Milana ChigridowCover1

Malin NilssonCover2

Jessica SimmonsCover3



Every Wednesday, we post our Recipe of The Week.

This month we cooked:


Banana Bread With Spelt and Honey


Three crostini recipes


Meat in Wonderland


Strawberry and Mascarpone

Let me now show you, which are the countries with the most visitors on our website, for the month of March.


We have lots of Bulgarians this month, this is thanks to the post about my holiday.

The total number of page views for the last month is 14,174. We are still struggling to get a higher number, but comparing with the numbers from last year, we made a huge progress.

You are the reason that keeps us going. Don’t stop following us, and we will grow bigger and bigger!

Now it’s time to say bye, and see you soon on our pages!

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