January Report

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing ok. We feel very good here. The busiest month in Top Food Facts has just gone. In the month of January, we published 20 new posts and we had a record-breaking traffic of 19,250 views!!! We are extremely happy, with the performance of the site. We introduced new categories, and we started posting much more often than before. Now I am shooting one recipe every week. There is also one instagram interview every Thursday. We started posting infographics as well, we really like the details that they show. And of course, as the name of our site suggests, we post a fact of the week every week-end, which is usually connected with a product from our recipe of the week. We are working on finding more entertaining categories to make you happy.

Now let’s make a quick recap of what information we gave you this month.

Let’s start with the facts of the week.

We posted about carambola fruit, manchego cheese, kale and pine nuts. If you missed these posts, just click on their names and learn. The post about the Kale, got the highest traffic out of these four. Looks like we have healthy food lovers on our pages. That’s nice!

The infographics that we showed you were – “The ultimate guide to nuts”, “The best 5 hot drinks to warm your toes”, “Fruit for health” and “6 Coffee questions you are too afraid to ask at a coffee shop”.

The Instafoodies we met you with –

London Food Babes


 Monique Cormack (From “Nourish Everyday”)


Demetria Provatas (From “Engrained Blog”)


and Sarah Highfield (London-based health and lifestyle blogger).



The food that we cooked for you –

Sausage and manchego rigatoni


 Venison with root vegetables mash and red wine sauce


 Rabbit stew with hot butter bean salad


and Super healthy beef with salad.


We also spoke about  “Is it bad to eat the same thing everyday?”, Cooking robots and How to grow  your own winter kitchen garden.

This is lots of information!

Now let’s review the traffic.

These are the top 10 countries, with the most visitors in our site for the month of January.


An average of 621 people, have visited Top Food Facts everyday, for the last month. The busiest day was the 19th with 1,130 views.

We were also featured in the top 25 English Food Blogs in the UK on mytaste.co.uk.


A Blog of the Day Badge was given to us by eRecipe.com 


So many things happened in just 31 days. And it’s the first month that we started to post more often. Looks like that following a schedule makes your site busier. If you want to have a constant flow of visitors, you should always provide useful information and post regularly. Being a full-time head chef in London, makes it a little bit difficult for me to post everything by myself, so that’s where Mimi steps in. She does the Fact of the week posts and the Infographics. Great job so far!

Having started the year like that, we are very optimistic for the months ahead. We will be working hard to satisfy your needs.

Thank you very much for the support!

Bye bye food lovers!


Oh… and don’t forget… St. Valentine’s day is coming… help us find the best recipe for that day!

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