Instafoodie of the Week – Nina Olsson @nourish_atelier

Hello food lovers!

We have an amazing guest for you today – it’s Nina Olsson @nourish_atelier, the founder of www.nourishatelier.com.


She has the total of 5,957 followers on Instagram at this very moment. She will soon have over 6,000. A great number of fans- and she deserves it completely.

Amazing photos, and great ideas can be seen on her instagram account.

I am proud to show you, the interview that she agreed to give us.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
I’m from Stockholm, Sweden. I spent most of my grown up life in other european cities, mainly London, Berlin and Amsterdam. Now I live north of Amsterdam with my family on the beautiful dutch coastline.
My world revolves around visual inspiration and food. I run my own business and my main work is art direction design. Being involved with editorial work and food magazines for years has given me a lot of ideas on cooking and food. I started to post my food photography on Instagram a year ago, and I love the way the community of talents give feedback and interact. It’s very inspiring.

For me, the photography and styling is just as important as the idea behind the food. I often shot my lunches or dinners and make good use of existing daylight. I like to experiment and play in cooking, making my own recipes. It’s a residue from my years in art school. A need to remake things in my own style. I often add raw or vegan elements into popular dishes like pizzas and burgers, tweaking well-known food into new styles. 
I also love making “world food” dishes and “mash up” flavours. I like a poster that surfaces in social media at the moment  – “Make Hummus, not war”. Sharing food inspiration can be universally good.
After www.thefeedfeed.com featured my food shots from instagram, and people started to ask for recipes, I made a blog on my website, just to have somewhere to post longer recipes. The blog is very fresh and I’m still getting my head around what direction the blog will take, but that’s part of the fun, coming up with ideas. I want to make something very nice of it.

What is your biggest dream?
I’m in place I like to be now, and I’m pretty happy with my life. But I would love to make more big travels and discover new foods and cultures. For a while I’ve been quite taken by the idea of traveling in South America. Visiting the Amazonas, Patagonia, Brazil and Cuba is on my bucket list. I like tacos a lot so Mexico would be a must!

What is your greatest achievement?
I think on a personal level, I’m happy to have had the courage to go my own way many times. I’m not afraid of new terrain and making new friendships. Professionally I have won awards for client work and worked with top magazine titles. But I’m most proud of “Stick”, a magazine I published with a group of talented people in Stockholm after I graduated design school. We had fantastic photography and illustration and really great stories on creative arts and society. The magazine made quite a rumble in the swedish media and we got fine recognition for our work. After three years I moved on to more commercial work. But I will always yearn for small and independent publishing, in fact Instagram fills that void for a little bit.

What is your inspiration?
I find a lot of inspiration in the usual places like magazines, cookbooks, Pinterest and Instagram. But life itself gives much inspiration! Travel, markets, materials, music, stories, the light on an early summer evening can spark up creativity like nothing else. Inspiration can also be found in the easiest things like loving and caring for your family or making a meal for visiting guests. There lies the feelings that I want to recapture and bring out in my visual work.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Eating good food with my family and friends, and I would love to still be running my business.
I have some book ideas that I would like to have developed and ventures that I would love to go through with. I hope I’m still working with fun projects that inspires people .

Let me now show you three of her own photos.

ChickPea & Garlic Mushroom Burger.
Topped with Coriander Hummus, Pink Coleslaw, sprouts and herbs


Sweet Pepper cream with Goats cheese and walnuts pizza


Grilled Apricot & Mozzarella salad with Asparagus and Creamy Soy and Basil sauce


We would like to thank Nina for being so friendly and for accepting to be featured as our new Instafoodie of the week.

Bye bye food lovers!



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