Instafoodie of the week – Monique Cormack from Nourish Everyday

This week our Instagram guest is Monique Cormack – originally from Sydney, she has just relocated to London (with her ambitious husband) to live and work for a few years. She is the founder of the website – www.nourisheveryday.com. It is a source of nourishing recipes, simple nutrition tips and lots more to get you looking and feeling fabulous.



She currently has 6.5k followers on her Instagram account. Pretty impressive! Here is a link – http://instagram.com/nourish_everyday

Monique kindly answered our 5 questions and here you go!

1. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? I am a trainee nutritionist and health blogger who also works full-time as a lawyer; I am always really busy, but I love studying nutrition so much that I make it work. When I am not studying I spend lots of time developing nutritious recipes, as well as doing the odd bit of health coaching and catering. I post recipes and nutrition articles up on my website www.nourisheveryday.com
2. What is your biggest dream? To enjoy a life doing what I love, with the people that I love. It sounds simple but pursuing your passion can be difficult among all the other things we need to get through in a day. My biggest dream is to make more time available to pursue my passion for nutrition and to do this surrounded by the people that are important to me. 
3. What is your greatest achievement? I think getting through this past year has been my biggest achievement, I have done so much! In 2014 I got married, traveled around Europe, moved countries, changed jobs and launched my new website. It has been such a jam-packed 12 months but I am stronger for it and I have had a lot of fun along the way. 
4. What is your inspiration? All the hardworking, charismatic people in my life are my inspiration. Personally these are my husband, my mother and my close friends, especially my entrepreneurial ones who are building the most amazing businesses on their own.  I’m also inspired by passionate, healthy-minded chefs and cooks who want to make a positive difference to our eating habits.  Top of the list is Jamie Oliver – how can you not be inspired by him!
5. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? With a baby or two (hopefully!), making lots of healthy food and working with people as a nutrition professional, inspiring them to eat well.

She also sent us 3 of her favorite photos that she posted on her account.

The first picture is of a pumpkin pizza crust – this is a totally grain-free pizza crust, it is paleo-friendly and is so tasty. It won’t bloat you or give you a heavy feeling like a typical pizza! 


The second picture is a colourful bowl of homemade granola with lots of fresh fruit and coconut yoghurt with cinnamon. I love to make my own granola at home so I know exactly what goes in to it; a lot of the store-bought ones are packed with too much sugar, poor quality fats and/or preservatives. 


The third picture is one of my favourite quick breakfasts; kale, pumpkin and feta eggs all cooked together in the one pan. I include a variety of coloured vegetables in almost all of my meals; you ensure that you are getting a wide variety of essential nutrients in to your diet that way. 



We would like to thank Monique for her participation in our rubric – Instafoodie of the week! 


Bye bye food lovers! Stay tuned for more interesting posts.



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