Instafoodie Of The Week – Claire Ragozzino

Hello food lovers! I hope you are doing well. It’s time for our Instafoodie guest. Today this is Claire Ragozzino, a certified yoga instructor and a holistic nutrition educator.


Photo Credit: Choate House

Her instagram account is being followed by 4,358 people!!! This is an impressive number of supporters. She has great pictures.

She is the founder of http://vidyacleanse.com/

We are very happy to have her, today, on our favorite category –Instafoodie of the week.

Here’s all of the links to her that you might find useful:

Instagram: @claireragz

And now let’s see what she had to answer to our questions.


Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I’m a certified yoga instructor and holistic nutrition coach. Through my company, VIDYA, I work with clients around the globe to inspire transformational changes in their health and wellbeing. My holistic wellness programs are infused with Ayurvedic principles, plant-based nutrition, and yogic philosophy to cultivate inner wisdom for intuitive healing.  I guide purposeful seasonal cleanses and cook healing food for international retreats.
What is your biggest dream?
To open a holistic bed and breakfast in Tulum where we’d grow our own food, host beautiful dinner parties under the stars, and create a nurturing space for all those stay on our land. 
What is your greatest achievement?
After college, I received a competitive cultural anthropology research grant to study the effects of western yoga tourism in India and how it’s reshaping the way Indians perceive and identify with modern definitions of yoga. I spent several months living and studying yoga in India, which paved my health journey into Ayurveda and my way of life now. Forever grateful for that beautiful time spent there! 
What is your inspiration?
Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Barefoot on the beach with a babe on my hip, a few cookbooks under my belt, surrounded by friends who inspire a healthier, happier world.

Just take a look at these lovely pictures!
Avocado Coconut Key Lime Tart
This was a quick snap of a raw vegan tart I made for our recent holistic retreat group in Tulum, Mexico. It was 5am when I started cooking that day and the generator went out, leaving me to finish this tart off by candlelight and the last little glimpses of the waning moon before the sun rose. I served it that night with a chocolate chili sauce and cacao nibs.  Vidya Lime Tart
Healing Kitchari

Kitchari is an ancient healing combination of mung beans, rice and digestion-boosting spices. I use this dish as a part of my guided seasonal cleanse programs, either as a nourishing transition meal or the main cleansing dish you fast on for several days. This simple one pot meal is easy to make and to digest, allowing the body to use less energy on digestive functions, and more on clearing and metabolizing ama. The combination of rice and mung beans make a complete protein, meaning you receive enough nutrients to sustain a restful daily routine from this dish alone.Vidya Kitchari

Sun Kissed Juice
This is one of my favorite summertime juice recipes of carrot, cantaloupe, orange and basil. The recipe is in my “Seasonal Juicing | Summer” ebook, just looking at it makes me eager for long, hot sunny days ahead.Vidya Juice
Aaaaand once again – if you want to see more of her pictures, don’t forget to check out her website and instagram.

We would like to thank Claire Ragozzino for the participation in our category –Instafoodie of the week! 

Bye bye food lovers!


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