Homemade chocolate truffles

Hello everyone! Today we prepared something very special for you. We are going to show you how easily you can make homemade chocolate truffles. These tiny beautiful, “melt in your mouth”, chocolate bonbons can be the star of all types of events you host!

And they are so easy to make. All you need to make 10 truffles is 100 gr of high quality dark chocolate, 100 ml of double cream, 50 gr of butter and some cocoa powder.

Poof!!!!!! Magic!

Chocolate truffles2They are extremely delicious and cute. You can roll them over with some coconut sprinkles, with crushed nuts etc.

Making them is really easy. All you need to do is, crush the chocolate into small pieces. Heat up the double cream with the butter to almost boiling. Melt the chocolate by pouring over the hot liquid and mix it nicely, until completely melted. Then you have to transfer the chocolate truffle mix into the fridge and let it cool for two hours. First thing you have to do after you take it out from the fridge, is to start rolling small chocolate balls with your hands and roll them over in some cocoa powder. That’s all you have to do. If you don’t like cocoa powder, you can always put some dried fruits, crushed nuts, coconut sprinkles etc.

Chocolate truffle mini 2Preparing a bonbon from scratch is a very satisfying process, because at the end you have an astonishing result – a jewelry in the pastry world!

Vertical truffle

Thank you very much for being with us today, food lovers!

See you soon.



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