Fact of the week – Is your pasta healthy?

Pasta, the brain child of Italy has found unique place all over the world. People around the world enjoy these savory delight with different sauces and toppings to get the local flavor with international touch. The taste of pasta has proven its worth by now but still there is confusion amongst many about its health quotient. The health and taste of pasta go hand in hand if you keep in mind certain facts while flavoring it and adding that extra delicious sauce to it. The weight watchers may be more concerned about the contents of pasta as every portion of wrongly prepared pasta may take them one step away from their goal.


What is pasta made of?

Yes, pasta is rich in carbohydrates and that is the main reason for worry. Carbohydrates when taken in access would add to the body fat but certain daily amount of carbohydrates is also equally necessary for healthy body functioning. The vital organs and body parts together are kept running with energy supplied by various foods and lack of the carbohydrate resulting from improper diet may negatively affect your body functioning too. The lowered carbohydrate content in the diet would be the reason behind higher fatigue and mood swings.

Pasta packed with carbohydrates that offer energy for brain functioning is not that high in calories. Every cup of pasta amounts to 200 calories but the actual problem lies with the sauce added to it. The Glycemic Index (GI) of pasta, which controls the absorption of sugar into the blood is usually higher. The GI of semolina flour pasta made out of durum wheat is quite high and would allow you to control the portion size for lowered calorie intake.

Making your pasta healthier

As discussed earlier, pasta is low on calories and the major health crisis lies with the sauce. Italians cook the pasta “al dente” and use cheese, tomato, milk, pesto, olive oil and many other ingredients to make different sauces. Americans love pasta with tomato based sauce which is usually low on calories but the portions are quite large which amounts to higher calorie content. You can try the below few ways to make the pasta healthier.

  • Control the portion sizeEvery portion of pasta can be made bigger by reducing the amount of pasta and adding more vegetables to it. More vegetables added to each portion of pasta may mean more fiber and lesser carbs. If you are adding more health to each portion then even the bigger portion size may do.
  • Remove extra fat from your sauceYou would love to have your sauce more cheesy and buttery but try to make it low on fat by removing excess oil, butter and cheese from it. Add more tomatoes and vegetables to make it tasty but healthy.
  • More herbs mean more healthEach and every herb has its specific medicinal value. You can add herbs like basil, oregano, rosemary and thyme to pasta sauce and thus add various nutrients, antioxidants and other essential components to your pasta.

Pasta would serve as healthy, tasty and wholesome meal for your entire family if you just take care of certain parameters that take away health from it and add fat to it.

Karishma is an energetic writer and passionate about health and overall fitness. Her main aim is to compose articles that are highly engageable and reachable to larger audience. Currently she is doing R&D on Green Coffee Bean Weight Loss product, to provide best information on green coffee bean extract weight loss to her blog readers.

Image source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Conchiglie_Pasta_Texture.jpg

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