Fact of the day – Pomegranate

The pomegranate fruit is an apple shaped fruit that is red in color on the outside. Inside the pomegranate fruit, there are many small seeds, the pomegranate seeds. The attendance of these little seeds in the pomegranate fruit makes the fruit rather hard to eat but you don’t have a choice as there is not much of a flesh which can be separated from the seed. Most people like to eat the pomegranate fruit raw but some use in cooking.
Pomegranate juice, vodka, salad dressing, ice cream, salsa, lollipops and gummy bears are made from pomegranate fruits. You can put pomegranate essence on your skin. In the last few years, hundreds of new pomegranate products have come available on the market.
The pomegranate is an ancient fruit with a wealthy history, symbol, art, medicine and religion. It has always been an important part of the Middle Eastern diet until lately. However, pomegranates are something of a seasonal novelty in the West. Then medical studies suggested what the ancients believed and Middle Easterners probably take for granted: Pomegranates are really good for all human body to live a healthy life.

The pomegranate tree is a deciduous tree, which bears the fruits and grows to an average height of 5–8 meters in length. These trees have been cultivated since the immemorial time in the Mediterranean regions.
The leaves of the tree are rectangle narrow and have a silky texture. The leaves are 3-7 cm in length and are 2 cm broad. The fruit has a strange hexagonal shape with a thick red skin and around 600 seeds. The fruit seeds range in color from white to deep red. There are also different varieties available in the market, which have a purple squash color. Pomegranate trees are drought understanding and can be grown in dry areas as well. The tree is vulnerable to root decay from fungal diseases in wetter regions. They are also tolerant to moderate frost, and can survive in a temperature of about 10 degree C.

pomegranate juice

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