Creme caramel with croissants

DSC_0589You have no idea, how lucky you are at the moment! Sitting in front of one of the most delicious and easy desserts on earth! We present to you our creme caramel with croissants.

You can start by putting 400-500 gr sugar, in a rectangular glass casserole. Put it inside the oven on 230 C. Leave it inside until it becomes caramel. After that, take it outside and lay down the croissants, so you cover the casserole’s bottom. On top of the croissants you can put the mix made of 6 large eggs, 350 gr sugar and 1 l milk ( beat the eggs with the sugar and then add the milk and beat again ). Set the oven to 180 C and cook it in a water bath for around 90 minutes. When ready, serve it with chocolate shavings. Share it with friends and tell them about our beautiful site :)


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