Instafoodie Of The Week – Madeline Lu


Our new Instafoodie guest has 10.5k followers on her Instagram account! Food and lifestyle photographer in Stuttgart, Germany. Her name is Madeline Lu. She is the founder of Madeline Lu website.  Amazing photographs and great ideas. Let’s see what she had to answer to our questions. 1. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? My name is… 

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Fact of the week – Cauliflower


Short story: Cauliflower, as its name implies, is a flower growing from a plant. In its early stages, it resembles broccoli, which is its closest relative. While broccoli opens outward to sprout bunches of green florets, cauliflower forms a compact head of undeveloped white flower buds. The heavy green leaves that surround the head protect… 

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White chocolate brownie cake with red currants and cream cheese frosting (RECIPE)


Today I decided to share with you one of the recipes from our eCookBook “25 Top Cakes”. It’s one of the most attractive cakes that I made. The idea was to have a brownie as a base and the fruit I wanted to use was red currants. And then I thought…. why just a regular brownie,… 

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July Report! The best performance of our site so far!

July Report

Hello food lovers! We are happy to announce that the month of July was the best in Top Food Facts’ history, so far. With 17,710 page views, it tops our performance. The most visited post was – These 10 Companies Control Enormous Number Of Consumer Brands, with more than 5000 views. The post Fact of the day… 

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