Review of the Week – The Table Cafe

Hello guys! Today is the 1st of June already… Time goes by quickly.

The review I have prepared for you today is of The Table Cafe. You can find it on this address – 83 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0HX.

On my second attempt to visit this place, I finally got in. The first time it was very busy, with a big queue outside, and I couldn’t wait too much because I was in a rush. Now I know why they are so busy. Great attention to detail and great menu!

Let me show you what I had for breakfast.

The Stack – a towering inferno of deliciousness, with chorizo and ham-hock baked beans, toasted bagel, two poached eggs and hollandaise

The Table Cafe

Wow, guys…. IMMACULATE! Absolutely perfectly cooked and really satisfying. Just look at it – gorgeous. Presentation and execution – perfect! I don’t know what else to say.

It’s a thing that you must try.

I also had pancakes for dessert. Take a look.


Valhrona dark chocolate, mixed berries and vanilla yogurt…… it tastes as good as it sounds and looks!

Great performance by the chefs. Thank you very much guys, for paying so much attention to my plates!

It’s on a nice street, you can see The Shard from it. It’s near London Bridge, so you can stop by Borough Market after you have breakfast.

I am sure many of have already been there, because it’s a popular place, and for those of you who still haven’t – please go! You won’t regret that.

That’s it for today guys, see you later.


Review of the Week – Garden Cafe & Restaurant, Finchley Road

Hello food lovers! The time for our new review has come.

The place that we are going to show you this time is Garden Cafe & Restaurant.

4You can find the place on this address – 3 Goldhurst Terrace,Finchley Road, London NW6 3HX.

They serve really nice breakfast, which you can enjoy in the garden, that is situated at the back of the restaurant – it’s the hidden secret behind the name of the place. The garden is really nice, spacious and relaxing.

The coffee is really good, and they do freshly squeezed orange juice as well.

2 1

The breakfast that I had there, was the vegetarian benedict – a nice meal consisting of roasted vegetables like courgettes, mushrooms, carrots, sun-blushed tomatoes, peppers and asparagus served on top of an English muffin, with poached eggs and some hollandaise sauce. It was nicely prepared, tasty and definitely a good quantity. The presentation was good as well.



I am not vegetarian, but I really liked this meal, and I didn’t miss the meat at all. Usually I would order an extra sausage, but this was perfectly fine.

It’s a place that you have to visit, trust me. The whole experience in the nice garden is totally worth it – nice coffee, fresh juice, delicious breakfast… peace and quiet!

We have to go now…. it’s time to cook again, stay tuned for more… a new week has just started.

Bye bye food lovers, thank you for being with us today!




Review of the Week – Hubbard & Bell

Hello TFF fans! It’s time for our breakfast review.

We love eating eggs! London is full of places, that offer great breakfast meals. You can see many different ways of preparing eggs, combining them with lots of amazing products.

The place that we visited recently is Hubbard & Bell. The nearest tube station is Holborn.


High Holborn

4Very spacious place, divided into many parts. You can eat, you can drink, you can work on your computer… Nice atmosphere and good customers. Service was pleasing  and the quality of the food and the coffee was on a high level.

I had the steak and eggs.


What you can see in this plate is – hash browns, very tender beef fillet steak, topped with sauteed spinach, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.Wow!!! Crispy potatoes on the bottom…. juicy and tender steak on top… soft eggs, amazing sauce… the freshly cooked spinach! It’s an amazing combination. I really loved the way it was prepared. The chef did his job perfect on my plate. It looks good when it’s served in a nice white plate.

Let me show you another appetizing picture.

2I love when the egg is cooked like that – perfect.

I really recommend you to order this when you go there. It keeps you full much longer. I am sure the other things on the menu are very good, but that one is the ultimate meal. It combines too many cooking techniques in one, and it’s not so easy to be prepared. That’s why the good result is very satisfying.

I work as a chef, and I know that this dish takes time, because there is more than 4 components that need to be prepared in order to assemble the full plate. The good organization makes your life easy in the kitchen.

We also tried the pancakes there.


The juices that you see behind are cold-pressed organic juices. This one was the Citrus – grapefruit, orange, lemon, turmeric, cayenne pepper. Very refreshing. The pancakes were very nice finish to our meal.

Please, next time when you are looking for a cool place to visit, and to have eggs, have Hubbard & Bell in mind.

We would be happy to know, that you went there because of us.

Now, we wish you a great day and happy cooking!

Review of the Week – The Wet Fish Cafe

Hello food lovers! It’s time to expand our website’s content a little bit. We are adding a new category today – Review of the Week. We decided to start trying as many breakfast places in London as we can. We are going to review them, and you can decide if you want to visit them as well or not.

The first review is on The Wet Fish Cafe. You can find the place on this address –

242 West End Lane
West Hampstead
London NW6 1LG


A very nice little gem, situated in the West Hampstead area.

They serve amazing breakfast guys…. it was very tasty. I had the avocado toast with feta,lime, chilli & sunflower seeds on seeded brown toast and two poached eggs on top.


Perfectly cooked and very well seasoned plate. It’s all a great combination. To be honest, this is my favorite breakfast so far… it was the one that inspired me to start doing reviews.

And the place itself is very charming. They do music nights there.

We do monthly(ish) music dinners when we find great artists. Top live performance and good food – a 2-in-1 experience unique in London. The goal is clear sound so you can hear each other easily as well as enjoy the music. It’s magical for diners, musicians and music lovers alike.

They also have some art exhibitions on the walls. It’s a place with a great character. It really relaxes you and the food fulfills the experience.

The Wet Fish Cafe

The kitchen is situated on a higher platform, and through the open window, you can see the chefs preparing your food. It’s good when you can see this. I work in an open kitchen as well. People have higher confidence in you when the can look at your hands. They are sure that you are not playing with their food.

I was there around lunch time, and it got a little busy – the atmosphere was really nice.

Their coffee is very good as well.

I will be definitely going back to that place, and I hope you guys are going to pay it a visit. And let me show you why. I was keeping this picture for the last paragraph. Just look at this perfectly cooked egg.

Review (The Wet Fish Cafe)A big thank you to the team in The Wet Fish Cafe for inspiring us to start doing reviews.

And for you guys – if you want to follow them on Instagram, you can do it here or visit their website.

Thank you very much for being with us. See you later food lovers. We are off to another breakfast place.

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