Pork tenderloin wrapped in prosciutto with tiger shrimps, over broccoli puree


  To make this you need: pork tenderloin 150gr prosciutto 50gr tiger shrimps 80gr broccoli 150gr cooking cream 30ml butter 20gr To cook the shrimps: Put the shrimps in a hot pan with garlic oil, and sautee for 3 to 4 minutes, then add white wine, salt and fresh parsley. After they turn completely orange… 

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Fresh pasta with duck ragout


fresh pasta 130 gr For the duck ragout: onions 10 gr garlic 2 gr celery 10 gr carrots 10 gr duck fillet 100 gr tomato puree 100 ml fresh basil, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme grated parmesan cheese salt black pepper And don’t forget to like our Facebook page!

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