March Report

Hello guys! Another month is gone… the first quarter of the year is in the history now. Time flies….

The month of March was good. I went home, for 2 weeks, on a holiday. If you click on this link, you will see what kind of food I had during my holiday. It was amazing, don’t miss it! There was a lot of homegrown products and “ancient” recipes.

Inspired by Pinch Of Yum’s website and their reports, we decided to do the same, so we can have a closer look at our statistics. What the report consists of is – our site traffic and the posts that we published.

It’s definitely not easy to run a food blog and work as a head chef at the same time. That’s why Mimi, my girlfriend, helps me a lot with the content. She does the infographics and the fact of the week category.

There are many things that you have to consider, when you start a food blog. You have to know how to manage it, how to bring more traffic, how to keep up with the good content etc. The content is the key to success. This is what keeps the reader on your site. You have to use an easy approach to all of the topics that you discuss. Not everybody is a professional cook, and understands how to use all of the products. You have to know how to explain and basically teach your reader.

Another major thing is social media. This is a monster topic. A well-managed social media account can bring you lots of traffic. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – they are all good places that can help you grab a big audience. This means that you have to know how to shoot pictures. Pictures are the first impression of your food. People are not going to test your recipe if they don’t fall in love with how it looks like. But that’s another topic, that we are going to discuss in the following reports, just because we are still learning, and we can’t give a competent opinion.

Anyway…. despite all of that we still managed to publish 20 posts in the month of March. We are still working on our schedule, that I started following from the start of this year. It works out great so far. For the last 3-4 weeks, we have been approached by several people, that would like to write guest posts for us, and they send their own infographics, which actually helps us to catch up with our busy schedule.

Let’s now do a recap of the posts.

In the category Fact of The Week, this month, we discussed brussels sprouts, is your pasta healthy, cauliflower, beetroot and pumpkin seeds.

The infographics that we showed you were about – Cooking With Alcohol, The Foodies Favorite Food Markets Of The World, 5 Best Food For Brain Health and 7 Superfoods For Your Health.

In our favorite category – Instafoodie of The Week, we show you people who have lots of followers in Instagram, because of their amazing photos of great food. We contact all of them personally, and we interview them by eMail. Of course we get many denials, but we still manage to find a great foodie every week. Let me show you now, the Instafoodies for the month of March.

Sophie MacKenzie


Milana ChigridowCover1

Malin NilssonCover2

Jessica SimmonsCover3



Every Wednesday, we post our Recipe of The Week.

This month we cooked:


Banana Bread With Spelt and Honey


Three crostini recipes


Meat in Wonderland


Strawberry and Mascarpone

Let me now show you, which are the countries with the most visitors on our website, for the month of March.


We have lots of Bulgarians this month, this is thanks to the post about my holiday.

The total number of page views for the last month is 14,174. We are still struggling to get a higher number, but comparing with the numbers from last year, we made a huge progress.

You are the reason that keeps us going. Don’t stop following us, and we will grow bigger and bigger!

Now it’s time to say bye, and see you soon on our pages!

February Report

Hello everyone! I am happy you made it to this post. In the next few paragraphs I will go through almost everything that happened in the month of February at Top Food Facts. And it was a quick one… wow! It’s gone very fast.

Inspired by Pinch Of Yum’s website and their reports, we decided to do the same, so we can have a closer look at our statistics. What the report consists of is – traffic, recap of the published posts and explanations of what we are actually doing to run the site.

The big news this month is that we actually made some money, thanks to our blog only. We marked a profit of $120!!! Amazing, isn’t it? All the income comes from ads that are running on our pages, and some sponsored content.

What does sponsored content mean? I’ll give you one example, so you can understand the idea. In our case, it was an article, that we posted, and it actually does an advertisement of a product. The content of the post is completely connected to our topic, which is food, and you will never know, which one is it. So, put it this way, we advertise a product of a company, and the company pays us to do that – we are happy and they are happy. The reason why we got chosen to do it, was the amount of traffic that we have, and especially the one from last month. Our page views are steadily going upwards, with some exceptions, and this makes big difference now.

These are the sweetest $120 that we have ever earned! It makes us very happy, to see that what we do starts being recognized.

We are improving in social media as well. If you want to follow any of our social media accounts here are some links – Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s move on to the post summary.

In the category Fact of The Week, this month, we discussed hazelnuts, green beans and Gouda cheese.

The infographics that we showed you were about – When Are Vegetables in Season?, The Top 8 Bad Eating Habits, Herb Guide to Cooking and 25 Three-Ingredient Smoothie Recipes.

In our favorite category – Instafoodie of The Week, we show you people who have lots of followers in Instagram, because of their amazing photos of great food. We contact all of them personally, and we interview them by eMail. Of course we get many denials, but we still manage to find a great foodie every week. Let me show you now, the Instafoodies of the month of February.

2HungryGuys from Sydney, Australia


Louisa Lorang, from Copenhagen, Denmark

Louisa Lorang

Claire Ragozzino, a certified yoga instructor and a holistic nutrition educator


Heidi from Australia


Great people, they all deserved their Instafoodie of The Week post.

The food that we cooked this month.


Cream of Broccoli Soup With Mushrooms


Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Sponge Cakes


Egg Muffins


Coconut Oil Cupcakes with Avocado, Ricotta and Chilli

 Now, that we have discussed all of our posts, we can move on to the numbers. Let’s talk a little bit about traffic. With the total of 12,019 Page Views, for the short month of February, we are completely happy!

We are currently trying to upload our recipes to, and get more traffic, but we still get denied. It’s a website, that features the best pictures of food in the web. The way it works is, you upload a photo, and the people who actually work in the site’s busy offices, give you precious feedback and they decide if the picture is good enough to be published. If you get published, you can get good traffic on your recipe post. We are still not published, but hey – we are still improving our photography, and we have a lot to learn. It’s getting better, and we will never give up FoodGawker!!! 🙂

You can see the top 9 countries that had the most people coming on our pages in this picture.



And now, let’s put all of this behind, because another month has started… the month of March. In this month, I am going to do some travelling. I am going back home, which will be amazing! I will still post regularly, and follow my website schedule. I will just have a couple of weeks off from my Head Chef’s position in London. This will give me the opportunity to post Bulgarian traditional recipes, cooked at home, and beautiful landscapes from my birthplace.

Thank you very much for being with us! We have an amazing month ahead, so stay tuned and never miss a post.

Bye bye Top Food Facts visitors, I hope to see you often on our pages!



January Report

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing ok. We feel very good here. The busiest month in Top Food Facts has just gone. In the month of January, we published 20 new posts and we had a record-breaking traffic of 19,250 views!!! We are extremely happy, with the performance of the site. We introduced new categories, and we started posting much more often than before. Now I am shooting one recipe every week. There is also one instagram interview every Thursday. We started posting infographics as well, we really like the details that they show. And of course, as the name of our site suggests, we post a fact of the week every week-end, which is usually connected with a product from our recipe of the week. We are working on finding more entertaining categories to make you happy.

Now let’s make a quick recap of what information we gave you this month.

Let’s start with the facts of the week.

We posted about carambola fruit, manchego cheese, kale and pine nuts. If you missed these posts, just click on their names and learn. The post about the Kale, got the highest traffic out of these four. Looks like we have healthy food lovers on our pages. That’s nice!

The infographics that we showed you were – “The ultimate guide to nuts”, “The best 5 hot drinks to warm your toes”, “Fruit for health” and “6 Coffee questions you are too afraid to ask at a coffee shop”.

The Instafoodies we met you with –

London Food Babes


 Monique Cormack (From “Nourish Everyday”)


Demetria Provatas (From “Engrained Blog”)


and Sarah Highfield (London-based health and lifestyle blogger).



The food that we cooked for you –

Sausage and manchego rigatoni


 Venison with root vegetables mash and red wine sauce


 Rabbit stew with hot butter bean salad


and Super healthy beef with salad.


We also spoke about  “Is it bad to eat the same thing everyday?”, Cooking robots and How to grow  your own winter kitchen garden.

This is lots of information!

Now let’s review the traffic.

These are the top 10 countries, with the most visitors in our site for the month of January.


An average of 621 people, have visited Top Food Facts everyday, for the last month. The busiest day was the 19th with 1,130 views.

We were also featured in the top 25 English Food Blogs in the UK on


A Blog of the Day Badge was given to us by 


So many things happened in just 31 days. And it’s the first month that we started to post more often. Looks like that following a schedule makes your site busier. If you want to have a constant flow of visitors, you should always provide useful information and post regularly. Being a full-time head chef in London, makes it a little bit difficult for me to post everything by myself, so that’s where Mimi steps in. She does the Fact of the week posts and the Infographics. Great job so far!

Having started the year like that, we are very optimistic for the months ahead. We will be working hard to satisfy your needs.

Thank you very much for the support!

Bye bye food lovers!


Oh… and don’t forget… St. Valentine’s day is coming… help us find the best recipe for that day!

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