***VEGAN*** Healthy Nutella glazed banana spelt bread!!!


Helloooooo food maniacs! Our recipe today is a bit unusual for us, because it’s vegan! We did this super delicious banana bread with apples, raisins and lots of other cool stuff. We glazed it with healthy nutella! So this means that you will have two recipes today in one single post – LUCKY YOU! Print… 

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Love is the air! Second episode of the Swan Lake and Orange and Ricotta cake… by Me and Cris of course!

Orange and ricotta

  Hello food lovers! Welcome to our coffee and cake time, we hope that you will enjoy it. This week we prepared for you two very special coffees and a cake that looks great. The first coffee you see on top represents the love we put in what we do every single day. The second… 

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Coffee and cake… anyone? Swans and redcurrants… by Cris and Me

Amazing cake

  Just look at this coffee….. Cris is getting better and better… when you think there is no more room for improvement…. he is doing it again! For the last two weeks he’s been practicing on his swan design, and it looks like he mastered it! Great coffee, amazing presentation – not just bringing your… 

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Another coffee art by Cris, and another cake by me :)


It’s been a good week guys! There were lots of you on our pages for the last 7 days! Thank you so much for spending minutes of your precious time on our beautiful creations! It’s monday again, the new week is waiting for us, and we decided to give you another sneak peak of our… 

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Coffee art, by Cris, and a cake by me :)


Our friend, Cris, has sent us another amazing photo of his masterpieces. He works in Golborne Deli, London, together with me. Cris makes the best coffees in London and I do the best cakes! We are happy to share them with you. We were thinking about issuing an e-book with the recipes of all cakes… 

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