***Under 10 Minutes*** Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus with Fluffy Couscous


Hello guys! I have an amazing recipe for you to celebrate the asparagus season. This is the period around the month of April to the month of June. You can usually find it all year round, but using it at that time of the year gives you the deepest flavor. I always liked the idea… 

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***VEGAN*** Healthy Nutella glazed banana spelt bread!!!


Helloooooo food maniacs! Our recipe today is a bit unusual for us, because it’s vegan! We did this super delicious banana bread with apples, raisins and lots of other cool stuff. We glazed it with healthy nutella! So this means that you will have two recipes today in one single post – LUCKY YOU! Print… 

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Sweet potato rosti


Hello food lovers! Today our recipe is inspired by Ella Mills, better knows as Deliciously Ella. We will show you how to make her super tasty sweet potato rosti! You don’t need much skills to do this one, it doesn’t take much time as well. And on top of that the result is great. It… 

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Brunch at its best


We have finally decided to come back to our lovely website. We really started missing it, so here we are. The first thing that we will show you after quite a long break is one of the best brunches that you can have. Maybe many others have already came up with this idea, but it… 

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