About us

The site Top Food Facts came up as an idea to me and my girlfriend in the beginning of 2013. We decided to make a site where we can share our food interests and cooking experience. It’s all about food facts and recipes.

I started my chef’s experience, back in 2008, in a restaurant on the Bulgarian seaside. I worked there as a salad chef.It was back then when I found my real passion about food. When this first job finished I went back home and I started to work in another restaurant, but this time as a head chef. I was cooking for real and I used to surprise myself every single day. I started reading books, watching shows, taking tips from other chefs. This also led to a job in the states. On my Work And Travel program, I worked as a fast food chef in Garden City, South Carolina, twice. This was just for seven months, but still it improved my cooking speed and kitchen organization. After coming back home, I had lots of menu ideas and I started importing them into City Hall Bar 82, where I offered to the customers a special gourmet menu. And now….. 2 years after the last update of my “About us” page I have more to add…. after working in City Hall Bar 82, I started work for pizza Verde in Blagoevgrad. After a short period of time, around 3-4 months, I went to London, and here I am – working in a Mediterranean restaurant as a sous chef. What is going to happen next… I don’t know. Follow my web site and you will see.

In the middle of 2013, many things changed for me. I quit my job as a chef at Pera restaurant, and now I work in Golborne Deli. A nice place where we serve fresh ciabatta sandwiches, good pasta, traditional breakfast and I do special cakes every week. This is a whole new experience for me, because I have the chance to speak directly to the people that have tasted my food and receive lots of feedback.