A gorgeous breakfast

Hello guys!

It’s breakfast time at Top Food Facts’ kitchen and we have prepared something amazing. Let me explain it to you in few words – we cooked poached free-range eggs and placed them on top of a granary toast with avocado, chilli flakes, sea salt, black pepper, parsley and manchego cheese. And just because this is not enough for us, we also cooked some amazing Lincolnshire sausages, accompanied by pan roasted cherry tomatoes. Wow! So many things in one plate, that create a beautiful story in your mouth. You just can’t have enough, because of this diversity. The flavours that you can mix and match are numerous.

Let me show you how it looks like.


And now let’s speak about how to choose your products.

Let’s start with the avocado toast. The best breads for this kind of toast are granary, rye and sourdough. They just match perfectly, try to buy them from a local deli. When you are choosing avocado, make sure that it’s soft, but not too soft. You should be able to spread it on the toast just with a fork. Get rid of any brown spots, if you encounter them. The seasonings for your avocados are a lot – we prefer to use chilli flakes, black pepper, sea salt, walnut oil, parsley and freshly squeezed lemon juice. We decided to add some cheese to our toast, just because we love the combination of it with avocado, and our favourite cheese is the Spanish Manchego.

Topping all this with poached eggs, transfers you to another level. In order to have the best poached eggs you have to always use the freshest eggs possible around you. Their egg white is very firm, and it wraps around the yolk completely. The taste of the yolk itself… this runny madness going down on your avocado toast gives you an unforgettable experience on the breakfast table. You really understand how good it really is. And make sure that when you poach the eggs, your water is just below the boiling point, otherwise you will break them or they will become extremely hard-boiled on the outside. The result you need is a completely cooked, soft and gentle egg white and a runny yolk.

In addition to all of that we decided to pan roast some sweet cherry tomatoes and two Lincolnshire pork sausages. An amazing result!

We are really looking forward to our next breakfast, because we really started loving it’s surprises!

Thank you very much guys, for being with us today!

See you soon.

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