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It is very important that we know how much and what food to take on a daily basis. We are going to start from the beginning. We are not going to talk about the food that you have to eat in this post, but  about its nutrient contents. Specifically about calories, fat, saturated fat, proteins,… 

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Love is the air! Second episode of the Swan Lake and Orange and Ricotta cake… by Me and Cris of course!

Orange and ricotta

  Hello food lovers! Welcome to our coffee and cake time, we hope that you will enjoy it. This week we prepared for you two very special coffees and a cake that looks great. The first coffee you see on top represents the love we put in what we do every single day. The second… 

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Coffee and cake… anyone? Swans and redcurrants… by Cris and Me

Amazing cake

  Just look at this coffee….. Cris is getting better and better… when you think there is no more room for improvement…. he is doing it again! For the last two weeks he’s been practicing on his swan design, and it looks like he mastered it! Great coffee, amazing presentation – not just bringing your… 

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Another surprise for you!

Net version

  Today is a big day in Top Food Facts history We have our ebook cover ready and we are on the way of publishing it. As we said earlier, the book is coming out in may. We are so excited about that… we just can’t wait until it happens. We still have lots of… 

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