Vegetables, bacon and edam cheese!


Hello everybody! The recipe that I have for you today is very nice. Usually I don’t like to make you feel uncomfortable about cooking, so that’s why all the recipes are fast and easy. It takes 15 minutes, and just one pan. You are not going to make a huge mess in your kitchen. I… 

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Our Favorite Pork Stew Recipe!

Pork Stew

Hello everyone, and welcome to our lunch table! Today we are having a pork stew. I’ve been improvising a lot with this meal, until I finally found my favorite way of cooking it. It’s a traditional Balkan recipe, we call it “Gyuvetch”. I always enjoyed, when I was a little kid, to eat this kind… 

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Japanese spaghetti!


This recipe was shown to me by a japanese guy, a friend of mine, more than 10 years ago. He used to be my baseball coach, for 2 years. He was a great guy with an amazing sense of humor. A typical representative of the cool country of Japan. One day he came by our… 

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August Sale of 25 Top Cakes! Now for $1.99!

August Sale

Hello food lovers, we have a special offer for you. In the month of August we decided to decrease the price of our eCookBook from $5.99 to $1.99. Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on our eBook! Click to buy! All of the cakes in the book are easy and quick. They don’t take… 

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July Report! The best performance of our site so far!

July Report

Hello food lovers! We are happy to announce that the month of July was the best in Top Food Facts’ history, so far. With 17,710 page views, it tops our performance. The most visited post was - These 10 Companies Control Enormous Number Of Consumer Brands, with more than 5000 views. The post Fact of the day… 

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