March Report

Hello guys! Another month is gone… the first quarter of the year is in the history now. Time flies….

The month of March was good. I went home, for 2 weeks, on a holiday. If you click on this link, you will see what kind of food I had during my holiday. It was amazing, don’t miss it! There was a lot of homegrown products and “ancient” recipes.

Inspired by Pinch Of Yum’s website and their reports, we decided to do the same, so we can have a closer look at our statistics. What the report consists of is – our site traffic and the posts that we published.

It’s definitely not easy to run a food blog and work as a head chef at the same time. That’s why Mimi, my girlfriend, helps me a lot with the content. She does the infographics and the fact of the week category.

There are many things that you have to consider, when you start a food blog. You have to know how to manage it, how to bring more traffic, how to keep up with the good content etc. The content is the key to success. This is what keeps the reader on your site. You have to use an easy approach to all of the topics that you discuss. Not everybody is a professional cook, and understands how to use all of the products. You have to know how to explain and basically teach your reader.

Another major thing is social media. This is a monster topic. A well-managed social media account can bring you lots of traffic. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – they are all good places that can help you grab a big audience. This means that you have to know how to shoot pictures. Pictures are the first impression of your food. People are not going to test your recipe if they don’t fall in love with how it looks like. But that’s another topic, that we are going to discuss in the following reports, just because we are still learning, and we can’t give a competent opinion.

Anyway…. despite all of that we still managed to publish 20 posts in the month of March. We are still working on our schedule, that I started following from the start of this year. It works out great so far. For the last 3-4 weeks, we have been approached by several people, that would like to write guest posts for us, and they send their own infographics, which actually helps us to catch up with our busy schedule.

Let’s now do a recap of the posts.

In the category Fact of The Week, this month, we discussed brussels sprouts, is your pasta healthy, cauliflower, beetroot and pumpkin seeds.

The infographics that we showed you were about – Cooking With Alcohol, The Foodies Favorite Food Markets Of The World, 5 Best Food For Brain Health and 7 Superfoods For Your Health.

In our favorite category – Instafoodie of The Week, we show you people who have lots of followers in Instagram, because of their amazing photos of great food. We contact all of them personally, and we interview them by eMail. Of course we get many denials, but we still manage to find a great foodie every week. Let me show you now, the Instafoodies for the month of March.

Sophie MacKenzie


Milana ChigridowCover1

Malin NilssonCover2

Jessica SimmonsCover3



Every Wednesday, we post our Recipe of The Week.

This month we cooked:


Banana Bread With Spelt and Honey


Three crostini recipes


Meat in Wonderland


Strawberry and Mascarpone

Let me now show you, which are the countries with the most visitors on our website, for the month of March.


We have lots of Bulgarians this month, this is thanks to the post about my holiday.

The total number of page views for the last month is 14,174. We are still struggling to get a higher number, but comparing with the numbers from last year, we made a huge progress.

You are the reason that keeps us going. Don’t stop following us, and we will grow bigger and bigger!

Now it’s time to say bye, and see you soon on our pages!

A fulfilling breakfast

Good morning everyone! Ready for breakfast? Just tell me – how much do you love eggs? We adore them! I eat eggs for breakfast at least 3 times per week. And now I think that I came up with the perfect morning plate.


What you can see on my plate is – soft scrambled eggs with avocado, parma ham, sautéed mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. And all that is sprinkled with some parsley and freshly cracked black pepper.

In order to make the perfect soft scrambled eggs, you have to cook them on medium heat. Before putting them in the pan, you must beat them in a bowl with some butter and salt. When you pour them in, start stirring gently. When the eggs start cooking, you can move the pan away from the heat, while still slowly mixing. Return them back to the heat, and repeat this actions, until you have nice and creamy eggs. Don’t let them dry in the pan, serve them while still a little bit runny. They will continue cooking on the plate, because of all the heat they have. What you are going to have as a result, is the perfect soft scrambled egg.

You can cook your mushrooms with some butter, on a medium heat. Season them with salt and pepper. The cooking process should not be more than 10 minutes.

All the other condiments don’t need any cooking. You just have to choose the nice ripe avocado and the sweet small cherry tomatoes.

The parma ham is something that you choose according to your taste preferences. If you want you can buy the one that is more aged, or if you want you can just buy the regular one. It’s your choice.

This is a breakfast, that will last long. You won’t feel hungry for the next 4-5 hours. If you want you can eat it with a piece of bread and a glass of fresh juice. It’s nice to have all these things in one plate, because diversity brings the appetite. You want to combine them in different ways and feel all these different flavors.


For more breakfast ideas check this out – 50 Of The World’s Best Breakfasts!

That’s all for now, see you later!


Two Unforgettable Weeks Back Home, in Bulgaria

Hi guys, how is everything going? As I promised, before I went to Bulgaria for my holiday, I shot lots of food and I have prepared for you one huge selection of meals. Most of the things I ate, were homemade. Family members around the table – emotions, memories, past, present, future….

Taking so much time off away from my head chef position in London, was unique. Being away from the hot kitchen, where my brain works on another level, helped me to concentrate on myself and all the people that played important roles in my life – family and friends. A great experience, that gives me power and hope. All the dinner tables that were prepared for my warm welcome, were set up with lots of love and culinary skills. All the hosts were expecting my feedback. My aunt was the one who made it to the Recipe of The Week with her slowly cooked pork and chicken with onions, cabbage, dried apricots, dried plums and mushrooms in white wine.


And the view from her balcony was nice – what you can see is one of the big streets in my city, at night.



The things people prepare for dinner are always in huge amounts. There is always lots of salad, hot starters, nuts, main dishes, desserts….. Sometimes there’s more options than you have in a restaurant. We are famous with our hospitality. You will find homemade alcohol on each table.


The on the picture is called “rakia”. A drink, usually made out of grapes (or any kind of fruit that can ferment). It has a high alcohol percentage, so I advise you, if by any chance you come by this drink, not to drink more than 250 grams. Even this could be too much. It’s good in the winter. My uncle took a special red wine out of the closet, for the dinner in his house,  a 12 years old merlot.


The food that my uncle prepared for me was in the usual amounts for a dinner table in our family – a lot! We just love cooking. He got inspired by Jamie Oliver to slowly cook some pork steaks with rosemary, and to roast some potatoes.


He brushed the potatoes with some olive oil, rosemary, oregano, salt and black pepper, while cooking on the grill pan.


The person that cooks the most in our family, I would say, is my grand mother…. Always when I go home on a holiday, she gathers the whole family (15-20 people) and cooks a tremendous amount of food. There is always 2-3 salads, 3 starters, at least 2 mains, 3 or 4 choices of dessert. She prepares A La Carte Menu for a bunch of hungry people and we destroy it.

This is the famous creme caramel

Krem karamel

This here is “kapama” – cabbage, rice and all kinds of meat, slowly cooked in a crock-pot


And this is “revane” – a sweet sponge cake with sugar syrup and some chocolate

And wow… forget about the quantity… I am talking about quality here! Food was super clean, and no matter how much you eat – you digest it very fast and your stomach feels good. This is the food I grew up with.

The cherry on top of the cake was my grand mother’s homemade strawberry compote.


This is definitely my favorite juice in the World. Nothing is better than that. My grand mother fell in love with this picture. She never knew that the compote she makes, can look so nice on the screen. I am sorry you can’t taste it right now… we store them in cold rooms, where then can stay longer. We have several jars of that compote, all year long. We just top them up, when they finish. It’s not hard to make. All you need is water, sugar and fresh strawberries…. aaand you should know the correct way of making it.

I can say that this 2 weeks are priceless. Going back to my childhood is really refreshing. I love my home.

If you have any questions, concerning the food shown is this post, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Bye bye food lovers!

Fact of the week – Is your pasta healthy?

Pasta, the brain child of Italy has found unique place all over the world. People around the world enjoy these savory delight with different sauces and toppings to get the local flavor with international touch. The taste of pasta has proven its worth by now but still there is confusion amongst many about its health quotient. The health and taste of pasta go hand in hand if you keep in mind certain facts while flavoring it and adding that extra delicious sauce to it. The weight watchers may be more concerned about the contents of pasta as every portion of wrongly prepared pasta may take them one step away from their goal.


What is pasta made of?

Yes, pasta is rich in carbohydrates and that is the main reason for worry. Carbohydrates when taken in access would add to the body fat but certain daily amount of carbohydrates is also equally necessary for healthy body functioning. The vital organs and body parts together are kept running with energy supplied by various foods and lack of the carbohydrate resulting from improper diet may negatively affect your body functioning too. The lowered carbohydrate content in the diet would be the reason behind higher fatigue and mood swings.

Pasta packed with carbohydrates that offer energy for brain functioning is not that high in calories. Every cup of pasta amounts to 200 calories but the actual problem lies with the sauce added to it. The Glycemic Index (GI) of pasta, which controls the absorption of sugar into the blood is usually higher. The GI of semolina flour pasta made out of durum wheat is quite high and would allow you to control the portion size for lowered calorie intake.

Making your pasta healthier

As discussed earlier, pasta is low on calories and the major health crisis lies with the sauce. Italians cook the pasta “al dente” and use cheese, tomato, milk, pesto, olive oil and many other ingredients to make different sauces. Americans love pasta with tomato based sauce which is usually low on calories but the portions are quite large which amounts to higher calorie content. You can try the below few ways to make the pasta healthier.

  • Control the portion sizeEvery portion of pasta can be made bigger by reducing the amount of pasta and adding more vegetables to it. More vegetables added to each portion of pasta may mean more fiber and lesser carbs. If you are adding more health to each portion then even the bigger portion size may do.
  • Remove extra fat from your sauceYou would love to have your sauce more cheesy and buttery but try to make it low on fat by removing excess oil, butter and cheese from it. Add more tomatoes and vegetables to make it tasty but healthy.
  • More herbs mean more healthEach and every herb has its specific medicinal value. You can add herbs like basil, oregano, rosemary and thyme to pasta sauce and thus add various nutrients, antioxidants and other essential components to your pasta.

Pasta would serve as healthy, tasty and wholesome meal for your entire family if you just take care of certain parameters that take away health from it and add fat to it.

Karishma is an energetic writer and passionate about health and overall fitness. Her main aim is to compose articles that are highly engageable and reachable to larger audience. Currently she is doing R&D on Green Coffee Bean Weight Loss product, to provide best information on green coffee bean extract weight loss to her blog readers.

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